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Saturday in the Bubble

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

A new restaurant opened in Wolfeboro on Tuesday. We went on Saturday for lunch to check it out. Our friends Jack and Ginger who also live in our bubble joined us.

Here's a video of the town docks status and lunch downtown at newly opened Marker 21, then a ride in the snow through the woods.

Here's a map of the town docks area in the video.

After lunch we took the snowmobile up to the cottage garage for storage since snowmobiling season is over (for Whiskey). We're ready to move on to the next season, which is mud season, but we'll be gone for that and be where is warm and sunny.

We love our little bubble; it is a wonderful place to live. We are blessed with good friends (even crabby ones like Jack LOL!), beautiful scenery, a vibrant downtown with many good restaurants and shops, and a home we love. Life is good. It is going to be even better when we are sitting on the beach in April. Until then, we will wind down this winter season and prep for the next.

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