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RV Countertop Replacement

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

It was time to replace the countertops in our mobile condo. They were starting to show wear at the edges which allows for water to seep in. Since the core of the countertops are particle board it was just a matter of time before there was swelling. And since RVs aren't getting any cheaper it's important to keep our rig maintained, updated, and clean.

Our RV model is a 2019 Thor Freedom Elite 24FE purchased from Camping World. If it was purchased from another dealer, it would be a Thor Quantum. Thor Quantum Sprinter Motorhomes - Thor Motor Coach

We chose to do butcherblock like many other RV owners have done. It is a good choice because DIYers can cut and finish butcherblock, unlike quartz which is typically custom fitted and fabricated by stone professionals.

The original bathroom sink was a tiny self-rimming oval which made keeping the counter dry when washing your face impossible. Therefore, we went with a vessel style sink to get a wider sink. During our mockup we discovered that the vessel sink could be placed inside a cut-out to reduce the height above the counter instead of sitting on the counter as it is designed to do. This was helpful to allow for a shorter faucet.

The kitchen sink was changed from a self-rimming style (that sits on top of the counter) to an undermount. This meant that the sink opening needed to be cut with precision. If you aren't a precision type of person, choose a self-rimming sink so that the edge of the sink opening is covered by the sink.

Here is a gallery of photos from the process. While Whiskey was working on the "condo" as we call it, Wine was working in the yard and painting the screened porch. Notice the oval cutting board; it's a nice by-product of the project.

We have made a detailed video of the project. Wine recorded most of the clips and created a chronological video to show how the project unfolded. If you watch the detailed video of the entire tedious process, you will learn how to replace countertops from start to finish. Whiskey has just about every tool. And you will see that he uses almost all of them.

In the video you will notice that Whiskey is a low-talker and may be hard to hear him entirely in some clips. Our apologies for the inconsistent volume.

This is the longest video we've created. We have a renewed appreciation for content creators. Recording clips and putting them together took a lot of time and effort for this video. I (Wine) use the simplest video editor with basic features. I tried more involved video editing software, but it was way over my head. If anyone has knowledge on video editing software for dummies, please let me know. Thanks!

Overall cost for what we had to purchase is $835.00. Not included in the cost are the finishes which Whiskey has on-hand for his wooden boat projects. It took about two and half weeks to complete the work which Whiskey fit in around his full-time job. We did not tabulate the hours the project took.

Tips if you are considering replacing your RV countertops:

  • Minimize damage to walls and cabinets by "surgically" removing the countertops.

  • Carefully pry counter away from cabinets as cabinets are likely not well made.

  • Measure, measure, measure before cutting.

  • Consider a self-rimming sink if you are not skilled with power tools.

  • Expect some bumps in the process.

  • Expect that changes to the drains may be required.

The butcherblock project provided us with four remnant pieces which are now cutting boards. Whiskey sanded them on all sides and slightly rounded (eased) the edges. Wine then coated them with Butcher Block Conditioner | Howard Products.

If interested in seeing the first round of modifications to our coach watch this video. We change out the dining table top, made a storage area above the cab, and added towel bars in the bathroom.

A side note: Whiskey used varnish on the counters because he is experienced in the product since using it for decades. In addition, we used it on our vacation rental counter makeover and that has held up beautifully for three years.

Whiskey does beautiful work. His obsessive attention to detail makes for a successful project. We hope you find the information helpful as you consider a major project to your RV.

Thanks for reading and watching!




CASAINC White Ceramic Oval Bathroom Basin Ceramic Vessel Sink HYWY-7146 ( (purchased March 6 at $144.00 - current link shows $205.00)

Bathroom Faucet

Sidesplash Ti'e


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