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Rocky is at the Farm!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Rocky was successfully captured!

Our screened porch was emptied so that demolition can start for the rebuilding of it (old house - rotted wood). So Rocky needed to be rehomed since his under porch home was going to be disturbed.

Whiskey suggested opening the door to the porch for Rocky to explore. And sure enough he went right in. Then my friend that has a farm came and literally just picked Rocky up. Well, I did not know that I could just pick Rocky up. I could have had a lap rooster all this time. Sigh...

Here is Rocky's new home. He'll have two cows, a horse, a donkey, kitty cats, and several hens to live with.

Here is my friend holding Rocky on the porch. Aw, aren't they cute?

Rocky was crated and driven to his new home.

Time will tell how it goes for Rocky. The hens seem a little bossy.

Watch the video to see my friend scooping Rocky up and the hens trying to assert the pecking order...literally. Fingers crossed he enjoys his companions.

It was entertaining having Rocky around for the past few months. I will not miss his poop or his Cock-A-Doodle-Do!

Wishing you the best Rocky! Stay smart, don't get hen-pecked, and watch out for the foxes. XO

We could get a statue as a memory. Perhaps not, the photos are enough. (Please do not consider this as a gift idea.)

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