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Returning to NH

After a month away from home enjoying warm weather and sunshine, we drive home in cool and rainy weather in four days: two overnights at Harvest Hosts and one night in the driveway of a friend.

Here is a screenshot of a portion of our trip.

Our first overnight is at Mystic Farm & Distillery in Durham, North Carolina. It was relaxing and quiet. There was a well-attended event the evening we were there, and Whiskey chatted with many passers-by. I was down for the count due to something I ate (not from the distillery) that did not agree with me, so I missed all of the action.

We departed early the following morning and headed to Harrisburg PA to stay at a Dauphin Highlands Golf Course. I was still under the weather, but sitting and driving was not a problem. In an effort to avoid Washington DC and 95 in Virginia we took this route.

It was a long drive, but I managed it. However, once in Harrisburg, I was ready for a nap. The golf course reported to have a restaurant but in reality, it was a hot-dog stand 😂. I had not planned on cooking, and I didn't want to eat anyway, so we sought out a restaurant nearby. Gilligan's was our choice because it is not a chain restaurant. (no photo)

Well, Gilligan's was excellent. (I ate a spoonful of rice and boxed the rest) Whiskey was eyeing the prime rib but was not happy with the $32 price tag. Once he learned it would be a 16-ounce prime rib he was all in. He ate a healthy portion and then boxed up the remainder which was turned into three more meals because I am the queen of cooking up and recreating leftovers.

Once back to the mobile condo, I promptly got into bed and went to sleep. Whiskey cranked out work and finished two presentations he needed to get done. It was a good night; super quiet once the thunderstorm passed through.

Day three of our travels was to Schenectady NY. In an effort to avoid NJ, metro NYC, and potential traffic jams we took this route. Once off of the highway in NY we got screwed by a low-clearance overpass which was badly located next to a dead-end street as our only turn around spot. 🤬Then we were directed through a sketchy neighborhood where Whiskey (driving the RV) thought he was doing to get car jacked. The walkie-talkie saved him as the guys with eyes on him must have wondered who he was talking to.

Once we reached the driveway of our friends in a beautiful neighborhood we parked and enjoyed a lovely evening.

Their driveway is perfect for our rig as it was almost dead level and was roomy enough to put the slide out with space to move all around it. FYI, the best house guests show up with their own house.

I didn't take a bunch of photos of our friends' new home because they are private people and didn't sign up to be in a Wine & Whiskey episode.

The final leg of our travels was through Vermont over the mountains. It is a beautiful and scenic drive.


A video of our journey home. Due to my food borne illness I missed out on seeing the event activities at the distillery; Whiskey took over and shot a few video clips.


We arrived home safe and sound in the early afternoon which is preferred so that unpacking can be done leisurely in the daylight.

Willy and Bell are happy to be home and are relaxing. They are great travel companions. We are delighted that Willy adapted to the living in the tiny house and felt comfortable.

The mobile condo is parked for a bit. Time to get in the Kubota and get to work in the yard and gardens.

As you can see, we rely on Google Maps for day-to-day travel and search for restaurants. We use it to find diesel fuel stations while on the road. RV Trip Wizard is used to plan the overall trip into one "folder" so that the daily trip lengths can be planned out.

Planning is enjoyable to me. Those that really know me, know that I love planning and lists. 😊 I'll be working on planning our next trip which will likely be in the northern New England area. Stay tuned for more adventures and snippets of life in our bubble.

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