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Record rain, heat wave, trapped boats and more.

Now that the second rainiest month on record in NH is over the sun is back we can get on with summer as usual...almost. The record rainfall has raised the lake level trapping our boats in Back Bay due to the low clearance to fit under the bridge to big lake. we uncovered the boats and just looked at them!

Boats on Display - Trapped in Back Bay
Bring the Party to the Dock!

Our friends "Martini & Manhattan" also have a boat trapped in Back Bay. So we convened to enjoy the marina with cocktails, snacks, and fresh air powered by a high velocity fan. On the plus side, we are saving on fuel.

Fortunately we have friends with a boat not trapped in Back Bay.

WTF is on the Big Lake!

A booze cruise aboard the WTF!

Here's a video of the WTF booze cruise.

The WTF is docked at Roberts Cove Marina in Alton.

And for other events, outdoor shows are enjoyable with no rain. We went to a comedy show presented by Great Waters with the venue at Castle in the Clouds. A lovely warm summer evening made the experience enjoyable.

So as you can see, all is good. Life is what you make of it!

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