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Preparing for Winter

This autumn blessed us with unseasonably warm and dry weather which allowed us to keep working on the outside chores and winter preparations for much later than usual.

As we get older, we are looking for ways to make our lives less complicated. This year for the first time we stack three cords of wood on the patio this year instead of our porch which we have done for over twenty years.

I, Wine, stacked most of the firewood this year since the patio location was easily accessible via the Kubota and omitted the wheelbarrow step to the porch. I enjoyed the process for the most part. I listened to podcasts and kept my body moving; I prefer purposeful movement instead of hiking, etc.

In addition to the yardwork and firewood stacking we stock the freezer, get the wood cookstove cleaned out and ready for fire burning, and gear up for Christmas decor.

Here is an extremely boring video of the yard work, freezer loading, firewood stacking, etc. that we do each year. This is the last video with clips of Homer and JJ. We still miss them terribly. I think Little Guy is a bit depressed without his buddies, even though one of his buddies turned on him and left him limping. (His is getting better.)

I am attempting to have an indoor herb garden. Not sure it will go well, but I'm giving it a try despite not liking the counter clutter.

We have a few vintage Flexible Flyer sleds and chose one handed down to use as decoration. The wood was looking dry and lack luster. I brought it inside and gave it a coating with linseed oil and the wood now has life and color.

The urns are filled with greens and the wreaths are hung. Now we will get our Christmas trees and start the countdown to Christmas.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season.

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Dec 07, 2022

I love the transparent and open-ness of your thoughts and processes! So relatable and enjoyable! Thank you!

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
Dec 07, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback!

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