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Pre-trip Food Prep

Wine and Whiskey are abandoning NH for the month of April. Bye bye mud season, hello palm trees, sand, and sunshine. As we prepare to be snowbirds for a month there is much to do to before leaving home. I, Wine, was busy in the kitchen clearing out the fridge and making a few items ahead. I use the food processor for chicken salad, liver pate, salmon spread, and cilantro pesto and record the process in a long somewhat boring video.

I recorded my efforts and put together a video. It is a tad underwhelming, but you can see huge mess I made in the kitchen. I will miss the "big" kitchen while being away.

Side note, for the pate, I typically use beef liver because that is what I have on-hand since we buy a side of beef. The pate is just as tasty with beef liver as chicken liver. The chicken liver makes for a lighter fluffier texture than beef liver. There are many recipes for pate that add a variety of flavorful items; all are good.

Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures as we head down the east coast.

Resources related to my commentary in the video.

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