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Pavilion - Wolfeboro

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Before the busy season starts in Wolfeboro we wanted to dine at the newly opened Pavilion restaurant. Reservations are required at this time. We reserved seats for the bar, because we love bar seating.

We went all out and ordered many items to get a literal taste for the style of the food. Although we are experienced diners we are not officially restaurant critics, although we could be. Our critique below (insert LOL emoji here).

Here is a sample menu.

Here's what we chose: the country bread, olives, mussels, octopus, short ribs, and duck breast. Let's break it down.

Country bread: good, but heavy. A lighter bread is better in my (Wine's) opinion as an appetizer.

Olives: ho-hum. The orange was an interesting flavor, but didn't care for the fennel flavor.

Mussels: outstanding! If you love coconut and green curry you will love this. The country bread is toasted and buttered and served alongside.

Octopus: a bit rubbery. I don't think it is supposed to be rubbery, right? Served with chickpeas, which were very firm. Not sure if that is gourmet way of serving them. We thought the chickpeas overwhelmed the octopus. The sauce was very flavorful.

Duck breast entrée: outstanding! Cooked to perfection.

Short rib entrée: outstanding! Short ribs can be super rich, but these were well trimmed eliminating the fatty portion of the ribs. The price is a bit steep for this dish $36.

This is a shot of the duck breast on the side showing the lentils and sweet potatoes.

Shots of the dining room

As you can see there is just a handful of tables occupied while were there on a Thursday evening.

Our server Kamah was very friendly and attentive. We did not feel rushed at all. It was a delight relaxed evening.

Check out the website for more information about the restaurant.

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