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Outings & Fun Continue

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

NH has been open for dining since late Spring 2020. Things are getting better and better. Many people are still not dining out, and we actually like that. This allows us to always get a seat wherever we go.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A local restaurant in our little town added an Irish Pub themed space to their restaurant. Atmosphere is relaxed, food good, and service super friendly. Morrissey's Front Porch | Family Restaurant | Seafood, Lobster, Sandwiches | Ice Cream | Wolfeboro, NH | Lakes Region | Lake Winnipesaukee

After a trip to Home Depot in Rochester (NH) we made our second visit to Pepper's Landing. Just like our first visit back in the fall, the restaurant had a handful of people dining inside. We really like this place; makes for going to Rochester for shopping an event.

After a work trip for Whiskey, we stopped at Newick's in Dover for the $1 oysters. The oysters were tasty and fresh. We had not been to Newick's in at least 15 years, and sadly I don't think we will go back. The interior is a real dump. They could have used covid as an opportunity to replace stained ceiling tiles and jazz things up, but they have done nothing; the "décor" is abysmal. The Concord location is much, much better.

A much better experience was had at another local favorite O Bistro Home – O Bistro – Wolfeboro – New Hampshire ( We went out early for cocktails and appetizers. Yum, yum. Once again, hardly any other people there.

We refuse to sit at home to watch life go by. We are getting out, meeting up with friends, and creating our own entertainment.

I understand that not all states are as "open" as our beloved New Hampshire. We are grateful to be in a beautiful State where the economy is rebounding and people are out and about.

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