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Our NJ Trip

Traveling to NJ is tough, a challenge, and a gamble. Driving the motorhome towing a Jeep adds stress. It was all worth it as we got to meet up with old friends.

These two lovely ladies are my besties from high school. They both still live in NJ but hours apart. We met up in Bordentown at Old Town Pub. From there we went to Laurita Winery in New Egypt. Lots of laughs. Wishing we lived closer to each other.

In high school we were in the marching band color guard. We took it pretty serious as the band traveled together for competitions and parades from Washington DC to Disneyland in Florida.

I am all way to the right with the ponytail, bestie one is on my left with the French braid, and bestie two facing me with the ponytail.

Two besties on the top left.

Prom...ugh. That was not a fun night. I cut the boyfriends out. Do you love my mullet?

Here we are when we all turned 40.

The years just fly by.

Friend meet-up number two is with another high school friend MG, pictured here with his wife S. MG and I met in geometry class 1980, and have been friends ever since. These three people are my only friends from high school that I have stayed in touch with since.

We haven't changed much. 😂 MG still has that great big smile. Photo below 1986ish.

I was in MG & S's wedding in spring of 1989 in Jacksonville Florida.

I remember this, it was December 1989 at W&W's wedding weekend in Vermont. Not sure why we aren't seeing MG's big smile here.

When I start these posts, I never know where they are headed, once into them I get ideas. Fortunately, I had these old photos scanned and filed and could find them in seconds.

Lasting friendships and good memories are a gift. I am thankful.

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