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Once an Outlaw

Once An Outlaw Band

Coincidentally after talking with Rocky's new mom at the farm, I learned that she and her husband, guitarist for Once an Outlaw (, were going to be in Bluffton for shows the same time we would be in Hilton Head. Wow, what a coincidence. We saw the late show and it was fantastic!

Jeff Howell, bassist; Sandy Martin, band photographer; Chuck & Dina Farrell; and Whiskey.

The Roasting Room

Roasting Room is on the Second Floor

The venue is a small but very cool space on the second floor of a building in downtown Bluffton. Calendar — The Roasting Room (

Beautifully Displayed Booze Collection

Bluffton was a buzz with activity on this warm Saturday evening. The Roasting Room venue is unique and very popular. It is an intimate setting with fantastic acoustics.

It was neat meeting up with friends from home while in South Carolina. We all laughed about the snow back home while we were enjoying sunshine and beach days. April weather in NH is cold, cool, snowy, and rainy. We are are not missing that at all!

We visited Bluffton on our last visit in November 2020. Last RV Trip for 2020 (

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