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No Travels, Just Hanging Around

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

During much of the peak summer season our RV is out on rental. We list our rig on RV Share and Outdoorsy. Therefore, we don't travel much via RV during this time. Mainly, we want to enjoy the lake and boating, catch up with friends, hang-out in the Barn Lounge, and continue work on "the grounds".

Oil Lamp in a Wall Mounted Bracket

For six months of the year (really eight here in NH) we are nestled inside our home. In the hot months we don't like having the house closed up with the AC; we like having the doors and windows open with the screened porch and Barn Lounge an extension of our living space. In the extreme heat and humidity we do acquiesce and get the AC going via five window units. The window units are unsightly, but it works.

For the most part, we spend evenings in the Barn Lounge. Here is a gallery of our evening hang-outs.

Most of our friends have boats so it's fun to be a guest. Our friends "Manhattan & Martini" hosted us on their 1953 Chris-Craft Sportsman. They have cocktail napkins with their boat name. Well, I guess I better get on board with that and get napkins too.

A video coming out of Wolfeboro Bay.

Smooth sailing.

On a girls lunch outing, we got to meet Hercules and Gerry Scott. Molly the yellow lab was in the water.

And the cocktails.

The Goombay Smash at Wolfetrap.

The Wolfetrap changed out the windows behind the bar from glass block to clear glass. It is nice to look out and see the sky when sipping on cocktails.

A friend's beautiful firepit. Always a great to wrap up an evening next to an open fire.

Barn Lounge gatherings have begun, but slowly. More to come. Temps and humidity need to be tolerable, otherwise, it is just too hot.

The blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream is from Bly Farm. Their pies are perfection. Located at 620 Center Street, they have a farm stand and ice cream shop. Yum!

It's not all cocktails, boat rides, and pie eating. Still beating back the overgrowth on "the grounds". In this side yard we are fighting with Japenese Knotweed an invasive plant. I know it is never going to be gone, but at least we pulled and dug up as much as possible. I cut back the lilac as well.

One Pile of Knotweed
Two days work. Not too bad.

It's a start. It's cleaned out, now I've got to figure out what to do with the area. Planting sucks because every shovel attempt will hit a rock.

Being semi-retired from my "real job" has provided the opportunity of time to work in the yard. I like the sense of accomplishment. I have added chiropractic adjustments and aspirin to my regimen to be able to keep moving. I have not figured out how do to yard work without bending over (or paying someone else), have you? If so, please let me know.

I always like to end with "Live Life to the Fullest"!

Still creating a life we don't need a vacation from.

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