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Moochdocking in Ohio

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The best house guests bring their own house. We take our house to both of my sister's homes in Ohio. This is part 5 of our October trip.

I wrote a post a while back about driveway camping and everything still applies. Check it out here. Driveway Camping (

To show my appreciation to our hosts, I give them each my sourdough on a board.

While in Baltimore Ohio at M & Steve's (and Skippy) we enjoyed a lovely afternoon and evening outside in the yard. We toured my brother-in-law' Steve's forest which he created. When he and my sister purchased their land in 1998 it was a field with a couple of trees. Over the years Steve, a retired urban forester, planted a forest.

The house can no longer be seen from the road. This is the view from a street facing window. None of those trees were there in 1998.

The back of the land has been transformed into a forest as seen from these photos below.

Take a tour of Steve's forest in this video as we walk through an intentional path through the "woods". In addition, Steve gives us a tour the Baltimore Opera House; he is a board member of the opera house and also the chair of the Tree Commission (obviously).

Scenes from Baltimore.

Our next leg of the trip is north to Sheffield Village Ohio, west of Cleveland. We spend the afternoon catching up with L & J in their newly update "Garage Lounge".

Whiskey's birthday is in October; L&J had a cake to celebrate!

L&J are huge Cleveland Browns fans and put up two 65-inch TVs in their Garage Lounge for football Sundays. They were not using the TVs to watch YouTube, so we had to give them a tutorial because we want them to be able to watch W&W videos!! 😁

Here we are watching two W&W videos side by side. That was cool!

Then I suggested my sister to watch music videos, then a dance party ensued. Fun times! Won't be long before the neighbors start to question where the party music is coming from.

It was so great visiting with my sisters and their husbands. We don't get together much. Last time we saw L&J was when we mooch-docked there for Thanksgiving in 2019. Time flies!

This concludes Part 5. The next part, Part 6, will be the last of our October Trip where we visited Clayton and Alexandria Bay NY. Whiskey will write that post because the highlight of the trip was the Antique Boat Museum.

More videos of the trip which were not posted when I published the accompanying posts.

One more, I made a LONG video of my sourdough making process to help beginners like me. I have gotten a surprisingly great response.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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