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March Madness!

In my last post I said March could be muddy or snowy; this March it is both! Here are snow totals from the storm on the 23-24th. Fortunately, we received ONLY 14".

On the 22nd, there was no snow on the ground which made it possible for me to finish spring cleanup at home and our guest/rental cottage. I finished literally in the nick of time. When this snow melts the mud will return, but by then we will be headed towards palm trees and warmer weather.

We depart on April 1st; before then we have to dig out and clear off the mobile condo.

Ok, no more whining. I'll just share the photos of March madness.

Maple syrup update: the sap stopped running. It's been too cold. Looks like we were fortunate to get the buckets up the end of January and that the sap was running most of February. We'll be taking down all of the buckets before we depart. So that's a wrap on that.

Stay tuned for our upcoming travels. Follow us on Instagram for up-to-date snippets of our travels as they unfold. I have the route and stops for our trip to Hilton Head Island already planned out. We are doing it in three days and avoiding the metro NYC area by traveling through Pennsylvania.

This is the site we reserved at the motorcoach resort. Fingers crossed it looks like this upon arrival. I don't see any snow!

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