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Last Day in Hilton Head

The weather on our last day in Hilton Head was better than forecast and we were very happy about that because we knew we were heading to cool and rainy weather in the northeast.

Bell got the hang of the beach vibe although she didn't seem to appreciate sand in her mouth.

Last day on the beach would not be complete without a stop at the Tiki Hut Bar for a bucket drink! Here are our new friends that we met last year and reconnected this year. They travel in a Class A motorhome (which I neglected to get a photo of) with a washer and dryer. Ah, that would be nice but way too long for our steep driveway.

The motorcoach resort is within walking distance to many restaurants. On this evening we walked to Kind of Blue for an early dinner. We were so early that no other people were there. 😂

A video of our last day. There is a lot of wind noise in the video. It was still warm despite the breeze.

Until next year HHI, we will miss you.

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