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Kings Echo Farm

The best house guests bring their own house! Our friends escaped Massachusetts (finally!) and bought a property in central NH that is perfect for them and their horses. We loaded up the rig and parked in their yard for a couple of nights to celebrate Wine's birthday.

Here is the rig parked in the yard overlooking the pasture. It was a perfectly flat spot and Whiskey didn't need to use any leveling blocks which is very rare. Best campsite!!

There really isn't the need for much commentary. Good food, drinks, and just hanging around was all that happened.

Our friends have a female dog that is great off leash so that is why you won't see any photos of JJ the bulldog outside; the two female dogs would not hit it off.

I, Wine, know nothing about horses. This was my first up close experience with them, and I liked them. I can see that they each have their own personalities just like all living creatures. I was glad that JC didn't make me scoop horse poop; although I was willing to do so.

Watch a video of our time at Kings Echo Farm.

We are very happy for our friends that took the leap of faith and moved from their home state which they resided for all of their lives to start a new venture and make their dream a reality. Ask, believe, receive.

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