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Kennebunkport Maine, Sandy Pines Campground, and Goose Rocks Beach.

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Our schedules allowed for a couple of nights away not far from home. We chose Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, which is about ninety minutes from our home. Having a campground close to home that is also on the Maine coast is a win-win. The close proximity motivates us to bring our van for day tripping so we can leave our RV and campsite set-up.

When camping we enjoy exploring during the day and having lunch out. So each day when in Kennebunkport we did just that. Arundel Wharf Restaurant and Tides Beach Club were our choices. For cocktails overlooking the ocean we went to our favorite place Cape Arundel Inn where you can have a delightful cocktail and small plates for Happy Hour on the porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from 3-5 daily.

Here are shots from our time in Kennebunkport.

Fried clams cooked to perfection at Arundel Wharf.

Grilled salmon BLT and a blackened haddock wrap.

Cocktails at Cape Arundel Inn overlooking the Ocean.

There is much to do off of the beaten path in Kennebunkport. Goose Rocks Beach is one of them. It is kind of a dead end area with extremely limited parking. We brought our van over for this trip because we knew that. There is no way to park an RV over in that area.

Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport, Maine

A parking pass is required. You can buy one at the General Store 2nd floor (not mentioned on this list, as if it is a secret). It is $25 for the day. It is totally worth it. We parked near the beach and spent some time there with our dogs (dog-friendly info). After beach time we moved and parked at the Tides Beach Club for lunch.

Keep in mind that we purposely visited this area in early June so that we could get parking and enjoy the beach with less crowds. In peak season the parking is difficult, but if you go early in the morning you will increase your chances of finding a parking spot.

The Tides was not very busy when we arrived for an early lunch on a Friday. This allowed us to chat with the bartender for a bit of local information. The main thing we learned is how the parking is a nightmare in the summer. The Goose Rocks area is almost like an island, it's a peninsula with one way in and out so you have to drive out there because there is no place on the outskirts to park and walk in.

The Tides Beach Club

Wine and whiskey at the bar.

Warm lobster rolls, just butter and lobster.

Whether you go to Kennebunkport for the day or a week, there is much to enjoy. Even though most people think of it as a summer destination, it is actually active year round. The off season is more enjoyable to us because it is easier to travel through the area with less cars, and less people.

This is the part of Maine we love because of the beautiful ocean views and many restaurants to choose from.

Maine, the way life should be.

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