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Kennebunkport for the Weekend

A visit to Kennebunkport never disappoints, even when it's overcast cool weather in early June.

Colony Beach

We were able to take a weekend and go to Kennebunkport Maine for a couple of nights. This part of Maine is one of our favorites because it just over an hour's drive and because it is on the coast.

Here are shots from our mini vacation. It's always nice to get away even to a place we've been to many times.

You'll see a few images from our visit an antique mall in Arundel Maine. Lots of stuff to see. In my past life, I was a regular at antique shops, but now I can only handle going in for a quick visit. I did purchase a few little items that I will actually use.

Watch Episode 29 for a bit more scenery, and to sit by the campfire.

Life is what you make of it. We continue to make the most of our limited time here on earth.


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