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July Flying By!

Mount Washington Resort

Summer is full speed ahead. Here's what we've been up to: boat rides, cocktails, RV trips, and some paying work.

Let's start with July 4th weekend: We watched the downtown parade via web cam, harvested a small number of sour cherries from our tree which is now too tall to reach said cherries, and basically, stayed home to avoid the crowds of people that descend on our little town for the holiday.

Next up is that Wine and Homer take a solo trip to NJ for a family visit traveling there and back safe and sound. "I really enjoy driving the RV; it is very comfortable." says Wine. "The $6.79 - $5.79 / gallon diesel fuel price and the amount of traffic were not pleasant."

Back in Wolfeboro, every Saturday night there is live music in the downtown gazebo. We have been making an effort to go each week. It's nice to see all of the people enjoying the bands.

In this video below you see Wolfeboro's mascot horse named Hercules, and his dog, Molly. See more at his owner's Facebook page. Gerry Scott | Facebook

Later in the video you can come along with us for a Sunday boat ride aboard "Martini & Manhattan's" 22' Chris-Craft Sportsman Santa George. You'll get a glimpse of The Dive a floating bar & restaurant on Lake Winnipesaukee.

"Ginger" and I visit a friend's farm (where Rocky lives) and are greeted by Saffron the Highland, Lily the heifer, and the bull (I don't remember his name).

There is now an adorable farm store adjacent to lovely gardens.

Whiskey had a work assignment in Whitefield NH, so we decided to make it an overnight trip by staying overnight at the Cog Railway a Harvest Hosts location. This would allow us to visit the Mount Washington Resort.

It is a blessing that Omni bought Mount Washington Resort. They have made many wonderful and amazing enhancements to the building including remodeling the main dining room to elevate the style current with today's lifestyle, a spa addition and conference center added years ago, and most recently the addition of a new wing of guest rooms and the Observatory Bar.

This majestic antique opened for business in 1902 and requires constant maintenance. Read the history of the hotel here.

Cribbing is now supporting the rounded veranda as it gets new support. A painting crew was all over the front and side of the building while we were there.

A detail shot showing an area that is in need of repair. As old house owners we can relate to this type of rot. The work is never-ending.

After a lovely visit to the Observatory Bar for Bloody Mary's we stop at a shallow riverbed to get the dogs some activity. This stop made us realize how old our dogs are; they are no longer enthusiastic about exploring. It is a sad phase of being dog guardians.

Late July has been extremely hot with a stretch of over 90-degree days for almost a week. That makes for burning to a crisp in the boat; so, that means we use Workboat and put the top up and open the windshield. Ah...the breeze.

Despite all of the awesome photos and excursions. Life does have its ups and downs. Homer is basically a paraplegic with serious separation anxiety. We are fortunate for the wheels and wienie wraps. It is obvious that he is frustrated with his lack of mobility, but he still has a happy face, the desire to be outside, and to eat as much good stuff we give him.

JJ the bulldog is cranky and has presented some bad behavior. She has reduced hearing and vision, so all pets and people in the house have to careful not to "sneak up" on her. She now has her own nighttime crate to go to and we "lock" her in there because that is when she is most moody.

The third dog, Little Guy, the Cairn Terrier is easy going, but don't leave him to long without going out or he will pee inside...sigh. We never planned to have three dogs, but here we are.

And l can't forget about the cats. Our calico cat has been with us since 2005, she's 17 and very self-sufficient. She would have loved to have been an only pet. Willy our second cat is a white fluff ball that is Mr. Social with all of the pets. He has to be reminded often not to cross the bulldog.

Have you ever wondered why I, Wine, do these posts? It is a form of a creative expression. I like creating the videos and the photo galleries. Quite frankly though, it is and online life journal. Whiskey and I have gone back to posts countless times to remember where we've been and when. I think this may be helpful in about 20 years if the internet still exists in this form in the future.

This post was long. I had a block of time, so I used it to put in a bit more info and photos. The writing part of the posts is not my favorite, but I should make more of an effort. I'm not sure anyone actually reads these posts anyway.

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Mia Ziemniak
Mia Ziemniak
Jul 26, 2022

I always read every word. I appreciate the effort you put into these posts. This one felt like a mini vacation! That dive bar LOL! Cheers, my friends. ❤️

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
Jul 26, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Mia!

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