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The Jazz Corner Hilton Head Island

What a delight that we were able to get a reservation at the very popular The Jazz Corner. The show was very relaxing and the food delicious, friendly attentive service as well. It was a very enjoyable evening.

We saw the Martin Lesch Band playing a variety of jazz with a four-person band.

Hilton Head Island has lots and lots of trees. There is an ordinance for signage to blend in with the surroundings, so it is hard to discover places visually. Planning and exploring can and should be done online and by using Google Maps.

If only driving by the plaza it would be impossible to discover The Jazz Corner. Notice all of the dining options close by to the Motorcoach Resort. It is a great location.

If you ever go to HHI and like Jazz, check out The Jazz Corner, which is literally in a corner.


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