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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wine and Whiskey wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are in New Jersey for the holiday catching up with family and old friends.

We are thankful to have arrived safe and sound to Cranford after the worst travel day ever. Our drive time was just shy of NINE hours of drive time averaging 39 miles per hours. That is beyond frustrating.

Backups everywhere, MA, CT, NY, and finally the Garden State Parkway which was a parking lot. 😳

When we finally arrived at Wine's dad's we could relax and enjoy a lovely evening and delicious dinner made by my stepmom.

Wine made carrot cake to celebrate stepmom's birthday! Great way to end a long day.

Despite the long travel, we are thankful we didn't have to drive in snow. This is the situation at home.

Happy holidays! 🥂

Safe travels to all those on the road. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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