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First Leg of Trip

Our travels take us down the east coast where Bell gets her first beach experience (we assume).

Before we get to the beach in Spring Lake we stop at my dad and stepmom's for an overnight where Bell gets a new toy. Dad and I have similar glasses and the same hair color 😁.

Willy the cat is doing okay. He has however gone into the litter box to hide. Cats at the animal shelter do this as well so I've seen this before. I don't understand why Willy wants to hide. I took the lid off, so he won't do that, and he doesn't. Pet psychology is always challenging.

Spring flowers are in bloom in New Jersey. New Hampshire's spring flowers are still weeks away.

Highlight locations are the Italian market, Marina Grill in Belmar, and the beach.

Bell is meeting new people and new dogs; she is doing great. We are keeping her on a long rope at the beach until we are confident in her recall; we are still working on it.

As always, it is nice to get out of our bubble; especially time of year since ground is still frozen at home.

Stay tuned for more locations.


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