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Exposing Rocks and Exploring Wineries

The first week of September is a busy one for us. Whiskey's work takes us to the Finger Lakes. As our usual protocol, we make work assignment locations an adventure by exploring the areas. But before we get on the road, work on the antique rock garden continues.

We have cut and removed years and years of overgrowth in the area between us and our neighbor on the "downside". Having a new neighbor on that side has us looking at that area, and it looked bad there. Since we have made friends with our new neighbors, we talked to them about us ripping out a bunch of stuff. They were all for it. So, we did.

From this photo it looks like a mess of pile of rocks. It kinda is, but in person it is more interesting. Video clips of the area in the video posted below.

The red dot identifies the same rock in each photo.

Let's move on to the lunch boat ride. On a beautiful day we boat to The Breeze in Gilford for a lovely lunch. We tour around on the lake afterwards soaking up the sunshine and lovely weather. Since we got a late start to the boating season due to rain, rain, and more rain, we are making the most of the sunny weather now.

Next up is that Jack and Ginger bring their two girl dogs over for a playdate. New this time is Lola, a super sweet Pointer. She is a doll and we have spent many evenings sharing a seat with Lola in her home. Here she is with mom and dad. Watch the video for the play date. Ashley is an expert ball retriever; Bell doesn't stand a chance.

The Jeep and motorhome are now officially joined together, and we did a test run. There was a lot to this process which I will write about separately because many motorhome owners want to tow, and they are always looking for information. We watched tons of videos to understand the set-up and to help choose the products.

Here is the Jeep in the rear camera on the road. We are now ready for our trip to Knoxville and bourbon country in October.

The timing of the Finger Lakes assignment was good, so I quickly planned a trip and we headed that way early morning on Labor Day. Amazingly, the traffic was very light. The overall trip was 844 miles. The worst part of the drive is going through Albany and Troy NY. They are congested areas.

Once in NY we stop at an apple orchard and realize that our tailpipe broke; Whiskey had to get under the rig and do a fix. This is just one of many reasons why one has to be handy and mechanical owning a motorhome or RV. There is always something. On this trip, in addition to the tailpipe fix, one of the drawer catches broke (luckily, we had a replacement), and our automatic step was not acting properly; still isn't, need to fix.

We stayed at two Harvest Hosts; a golf club with restaurant, and a brewery. Stops are made at an apple orchard, and two other wineries. Even though our time in area was short, we enjoyed it.

Gallery of the trip.

Watch a video of our week here.

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