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Day Trip & USS Albacore Park

Recently, after picking up countertop material in Rochester (for the motorhome countertop replacement), we had a day trip to Portsmouth for a visit to the salon for haircuts. It was time for Whiskey to cut off his winter hair growth and trim his beard. Our stylist Heidi was happy to oblige. The beard is staying for now, but I predict it will be shaved off before we depart for Hilton Head.

After the salon treatment we had to get the doggies out for a walk and dinner. Since downtown Portsmouth is not great for walking doggies to do their business, we looked for a park. That lead us to the USS Albacore Park.

We have driven by this submarine museum park for over thirty years and have never ventured in to check it out. So that day was the day to do it.

After the doggie walk, we were heading to try Roost restaurant in Dover for dinner. But it was closed due a problem with their water heater. We went on to try another place in Dover called Ember, but that was closed. So we ended up at Chili's. We wanted to try a new to us restaurant but it didn't work out this trip. Gotta go with the flow.

Here is a video.

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