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Day Trip - Bretton Woods

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

The mobile condo parked in a quiet spot with a view of Mt. Washing.

As I, Wine, said in an earlier post, we make our own fun. A day of fun was a day trip to Bretton Woods. Whiskey had a ski day and I had a moment to actually sit and read without interruptions. It was a mini-vacation.

We took the mobile condo. It is the same effort to pack three dogs, ski gear, and provisions in the motorhome as it is in the van. The RV is much roomier and provides a place to relax, make tea, have quiet, our own bathroom, and avoid the people in the lodge.

Leaving the driveway, not much snow at home at that point.

Bretton Woods offers a half day discount pass for residents of Carroll County (which we are). Whiskey was delighted to pay only $34 for an afternoon of skiing.

View of Mt. Washington, and Mt. Washington Resort from the trail.

Here's the ride through Crawford Notch.

After our time at Bretton Woods we met up with friends at one of our favorite restaurants in North Conway, May Kelly's Cottage.

Taking one day to do something away from home is good to invigorate ourselves. Even if it is a place we've been to many times, it is still fun.

What are you doing for a fun day away from home?

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