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Day Drinking with the Girls and More...

Oh yeah, the girls were day-drinking. The girls ditched the guys and spent the afternoon enjoying a leisurely lunch and cocktails overlooking the frozen lake. In the photo is M and Ginger.

Since snowmobiling was not an option due to a stretch of warm weather, the guys went to the shooting range. Ginger's husband Jack was stuck at home dealing with a flooded garage due to major snow melt and runoff. That left Whiskey and MC to shoot.

The range has steel targets for pistol shooting. It's fun to hear the "clink" when you successful hit the target. It's harder to hit them than you might think. Here is MC giving it a go.

After a day out and about we convened for dinner. I made Caesar salad including the dressing (I used olive oil) and croutons. Yum! Also on the menu for that dinner was lasagna roll-ups, Italian sausage, and garlic bread.

Ginger and M made appetizers. M made dates stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in bacon; Ginger made puff pastry with brie and fig jam. Delish!! (The men made nothing)

Another fun gathering with friends. Life is good. We are blessed to have good friends to share our lives with. Every day is a gift and a blessing.

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