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Crawford Notch and Cog Railway

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

As usual, it's Wine writing. This time about a two night adventure in the NH's White Mountains. Since my birthday was this week and we're practicing being semi-retired it was a good "excuse" to take some time away from work during the week.

Harvest Host Stay at Cog Railway

As we headed out, I took the driver's seat so that Whiskey could do a bit of paperwork during our drive. It was a ninety minute drive, so he could get a few things done. I really like driving the rig. It is super easy to drive.

Whiskey is supposed to be working, but he's watching my driving.

I chose to go to the White Mountains because there was a slot open at the Cog Railway via Harvest Host on my Birthday, and figured a stop at the Mount Washington Resort for a snack and cocktail would be nice. Prior to that we stayed at Crawford Notch Campground. Not really a fan of that place. It is remote, I mean, remote enough to have ZERO cell service, literally zero. So with the "remoteness" and surrounded by woods hearing the road noise from RT 302 was a drag. Out in the middle of nowhere, and the cars and trucks whizzing by were loud.

That campground has 100 acres and is geared toward tent campers. The very few RV sites are right in the front of the 100 acres surrounded by loads of low branches scraping us from all sides. So live and learn, go with the flow.

Whiskey is always working when we take these jaunts so the zero cell service stressed him out a bit because he had reports to get out. We wrote the reports then sent them via hotspot once we were in cell range.

Once the reports were done, we played cards, cooked dinner in the rig, and actually read paper things, not electronic. A nice change for an evening.

For lunch on my birthday we went to the Golf Club Grille at the Mount Washington Resort overlooking the 18th hole. The weather that day was better than advertised and we were able to sit outside and enjoy a partial view of Mount Washington (top was covered in clouds).

Now on to the The Mount Washington Cog Railway ( We rode the Cog many years ago so we didn't this time. Instead we browsed the museum, gift shop, and toured the grounds.

Then we moved down the lot for Harvest Hosts RVers to park for the overnight. There were three other fellow RVers that evening. We set up, chatted with other travelers, and then I made dinner. Once dinner was complete and cleaned up (thanks to Whiskey). Whiskey set up the Solo Stove Fire Pits - Solo Stove and lit a fire.

Dinner in the Mobile Condo with a View Toward Mount Washington.

Here's a video from our "site". The workers were still running equipment. Here's the last cog train for the day coming down. Toot-toot.

We invited one other RVer couple over to sit by the fire (the other RVers were inside their rigs). The evening was lovely and we had a great time with Mr. & Mrs. OMF, a retired couple from New York. They had a funny story as to why they are called OMF. We stayed outside until dark chatting and telling stories. It was a really nice time meeting fellow RV travelers and hearing about their Harvest Hosts stays. We didn't share our HH fail. Maybe they'll read about in the blog.

The trip was quick, but great. It's nice to get away close to home. NH is surrounded by beautiful scenery, all within a short drive from our home.

Next up...boating. We have made it out from Back Bay. Summer is here!

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Henry Flynn
Henry Flynn
Jun 19, 2021

So sorry we missed your Birthday again ...But looks like a great way to celebrate was had by all. Henry is jealous and misses his RV and so Do I.


Jun 19, 2021

I really enjoy reading your camping posts. Happy Birthday!

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