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Countdown to Christmas

The countdown includes our annual Christmas portrait taken in the Barn Lounge. This year we have Willy, he cooperated and it was nice to have him the photo.

Here is the video verson of the photo.

The holiday season kicks off at Honey & JD's home with stunning mountain view. Honey went all out with beautiful decorations, artfully arranged charcutterie, delectable desserts, and a delicious entrees (not photographed). JD admits that Honey did all of the work.

Here is a short video showcasing all of Honey's hard work.

At the garden center, tall trees go fast, and since we like a tall tree for the barn, we got our Christmas trees December 1. This year's Barn Lounge tree is the tallest we've had, it's twelve feet.

The tall trees are leaned up and the small trees are hung from twine which allows one to spin the trees to view them all around. We love that. I recorded that, and it is included in the Coutdown to Christmas video.

Snow arrived right on queue so that I could capture this shot. The snow is now gone and we are heading into a warming pattern.

It would not be Christmas without boozy eggnog. My recipe is attached as a PDF.

boozy eggnog
Download PDF • 590KB

Here is how I make the eggnog (recorded December 2022)

Since Christmas is about tradition, the same thing happens each year. Nutroll and Italian cookies are made and shared. Consequently, I didn't take photos this year. But below, I share the video I made last year of the nutroll making.

The last of the traditions is homemade pierogi. I'll make them just before Christmas. Here is a video of that, also made last year; apparently, I was on a roll. Next year's Christmas post can just be a rinse and repeat of this one. 😁

If you haven't subcribed to our YouTube channel yet, please do. New videos are uploaded weekly.

I finally have sized sourdough loaves to fit on a board. For Christmas, I have added a sprig of fresh Rosemary. These make a nice hostess gift.

Scences from around the house.

Watch the Countdown to Christmas in action.

Now, we head into the final week before Christmas. We plan to unwind and enjoy meet-ups with friends and be on the look out for holiday lights around town. Stay tuned for more posts of festivities.

Life is good. We are grateful for our little bubble, and local friends to celebrate the holidays with. Merry Christmas!

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