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Combining Work with Leisure

Whiskey's work takes him all over northern New England. When possible we make an RV trip out of it. Here is a shot from a Cornwall Vermont assignment. The doggies and I are comfy in the mobile condo.

Whiskey is suited up in full rain gear.

Having the mobile condo is extremely convenient for work assignments like this. Whiskey can spend up to two hours outside examining farm, logging, or heavy equipment in remote areas. Having a bathroom and place to warm up and dry off is very nice. When needed he can catch up on paper work on his laptop using his mobile hotspot.

Two recent assignments took us to Augusta Maine area on a Friday and Western Vermont on the following Monday with a stop at home in between.

After an inspection in Sidney Maine we headed towards downtown Waterville for lunch. On our way there we stopped at a church parking lot for a doggie walk.

Church parking lots are often great places to park to get out and stretch your legs.

Our overnight stay location was a Harvest Hosts in Sidney - Bacon Farm Maple Products. We were blessed with surprisingly warm weather for October 22nd. It was nearly 70 degrees making it possible to sit out and enjoy the late afternoon.

What we love about Harvest Hosts stays is that we get to experience a variety of settings, many off of the beaten path. This farm's specialty is maple products. They tap 3500 maple trees. Wow, that's huge.

I purchased two maple syrups, one smoked and one whiskey barrel aged, and whoopie pies. Yum! I will definitely be ordering the smoked maple syrup online.

The smoked maple syrup has an amazing flavor. At home I made chicken wings with dry rub and added a smoked maple syrup drizzle on top. A perfect balance of sweet and salty.

The date is October 22, 2021 despite what I say in the first clip. Since I'm very semi-retired I never know what day it is. LOL!

When we boondock at these rural locations I make dinner in the rig. The gas stove makes it possible since when boondocking we are not hooked up to electricity. For this dinner I made sauteed cabbage, butternut squash (which was already cooked and mashed), and pork chops. After the dishes are done we enjoyed the whoopie pies.

From Sidney we traveled through Augusta stopping downtown for breakfast at the Downtown Diner. We use Maps to find places to dine that are small and interesting.

After the Maine work destination we headed home for Saturday night and caught up on some fall and seasonal chores before we headed off to Vermont on Sunday.

Camping season was winding way way down when we were going to Vermont. But I found one campground in the area where we were going that was still open with hook-ups. We wanted hook-ups for the electricity to run the space heater and heated doggie beds. We use a space heater when hooked-up to save on propane. The furnace cycle makes a bit of noise; the space heater is basically silent and the furnace never comes on. Seriously, this little heater kept us warm all evening.

We enjoyed a very quiet evening while watching football via Fubo on the phone. The screen was a tad small, but it was still possible. We are now Tampa Bay Buc fans and the game was not on the campground cable.

Then we watched inside when the cold air and darkness arrived. Go Bucs! We have weboost (the black device behind the phone), it boosts cell signals.

Dinner this trip was burgers on the campfire. Whiskey now has a headlamp to help see in the dark.

Homer and JJ are waiting for treats from the table, just like home.

Before leaving the campground to go to Whiskey's work assignment he winterized our rig for the upcoming cold weather. Having full hook-ups made it easier so that the tanks can be dumped and the anti-freeze put through the system. All the while Whiskey was outside doing this it was pouring rain. If you are an RVer, always be prepared for rain! Whiskey has this great waterproof rain set and muck boots.

I know this might not be a very exciting or interesting post. However, since there is so much division and strife going on in the world today we are striving to live our best life and share our excursions and happenings regardless of how mundane they may seem. During the pandemic and now we remain positive and choose not to live in fear.

Having dogs reminds us to live in the present moment. We hope your present moment is joyous.

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Love following yours, Whiskey’s and the doggo’s travels In your beautiful mobile condo. Thanks for sharing! Terry Curran

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey

Thanks Terry!

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