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Christmas Cheer

Each year during the holiday season we like to get out and about and see the

decorations. This post is a compilation of the Christmas trees and decor we've seen on our travels. Some are public, some are in a friend's home. The Wolfeboro's tree is the first photo in the gallery.

The Kennebunkport tree is the one with the buoys; we were there on tree lighting day before it was lit so it looks a bit dull.

Besides Wolfeboro, Portsmouth has the best tree. I applaud towns that maintain the lights once they are on the tree. Newburyport and Conway had several strands that were not lit.

Center Harbor has a lovely tree displayed in a gazebo that is adorned with lights.

Saw this car in downtown Portsmouth. Now that is festive spirit!

Snippets of getting out and about during the holiday season.

Our Christmas season was fun. We enjoyed being out and about by ourselves and meeting up with friends.

As we wind down to Christmas we will be at home. Sending Christmas wishes and dreams to you and yours. Thanks for reading and watching our content.

Merry Christmas!

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