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Campfires, Cocktails, & A Castle

Even though the mosquitoes are fierce, we still like to be outside in the evening with a campfire.

When the Solo Stove is not traveling with us on the RV we place it in the yard the back end of the Barn Lounge. We have the Bonfire size Solo Stove. It is a great size for our use. It's light enough to pick up and move around.

Here is the steak cooking in action. The backside of the barn looks terrible. It was supposed to be painted in June, then it was delayed. Then we had a literal month of rain in July, lost another month. So the painter says he will get to it this year. Sigh....(I got grass to grow in the dirt patch). Progress, progress. This old house...

Cocktails! Wine is branching out from wine. Our visit to Hilton Head had me trying cocktails. That inspired me to grow mint for mojitos and to break away from the easy task of opening wine and pouring into a glass.

First up is a watermelon mojito. The blue martini is a Blue Monday; I did not have an orange on hand for the garnish, but it still looks pretty. Pink grapefruit and gin, a break back to wine and whiskey, then traditional Cosmopolitan.

Now on to the castle. Castle in the Clouds has a restaurant that has live music on the terrace in the summer and fall. It is a delightful place to spend an evening.

The location of the Carriage House overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee is a beautiful place to spend some time.

Just a sampling of the life in our bubble. I make an effort to make cocktails pretty, plate food attractively, and create an atmosphere where we can relax. As August is coming to a close we will embrace these warm evenings while we can.

Life is what you make of it. We are trying our best to enjoy ours. Cheers!

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