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Campfire Cooking

When we are RV traveling we like to have lunches out and dinner at the campground. Many people like to prep meals ahead of time. I don't. There is so much to do to prepare for an RV trip that doing so much food prep is exhausting. I like to grill and sauté as much as possible. If the campsite has a fire ring we like to cook there.

On a recent trip to Kennebunkport Maine we bought oysters and shrimp from a local fish market. Oysters over the campfire were delicious. As soon as the shell pops open they are ready to eat.

Peel and eat shrimp cooked over the campfire has a subtle smoky flavor.

Cast iron skillets are great for more temperature control. We use the skillet for burgers, steak, and chops.

Bacon Cheese Burgers

Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Cabbage

Once we have the campfire going we cook up a bunch of bacon for our use while at camp. Then we have it for breakfast and for topping burgers. We roast (bake) several potatoes over the fire so that we can use for an easy breakfast.

Bacon, eggs, homefries.

Cooking over the campfire is relaxing and fun. If it happens to rain, all of these items can be cooked over the stove, but that feels more like a chore. It's nice to be outside cooking a meal.

We love our RV Life.

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