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Cabin Fever

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Snow has covered the ground in our bubble since Christmas. We love the white; it is bright and reflective. However, a few bouts of rain after snow along frigid temps have created an ice shelf that is treacherous to walk on. So now the doggies are a bit trapped to a small area. Even Homer with wheels and skis does not want to explore, Little Guy literally slides on top of the snow / ice pack, and the bulldog is a fair-weather girl.

This our neighbor's outbuilding is right on the property line. We hung a flag on it to conceal the falling out windows. We are not sure he has even noticed it (the flag or the windows). It's a cool looking relic, but it is sadly seriously neglected.

In this video you can hear how crunchy the snow it. Homie has a ramp to get in and out all on his own.

Being stuck inside isn't really a bad thing for me, I like home. The key for me is to keep it neat and orderly to make it an enjoyable place. Clutter builds up from time to time but not for long.

Whiskey and I both work from home (even before the pandemic) so that is a recipe for cabin fever to take hold since we don't have to leave the house daily, especially when toilet tissue can be delivered.

We are fortunate to each have our own offices in the house. I recently did a deep clean and neatening to my office; here it is. (Whiskey's office is not neat and organized enough for a photo at this time)

For the first time I brought in all of the potted ferns inside for the winter (instead of tossing them). My office is one staging area for ferns. There are four others around the house. They are doing pretty good. I love ferns for outdoor plants, they are hearty and easy. As inside plants they are a tad annoying with all of the dried-up leaves continuously falling no matter how well they are watered.

In an effort to keep cabin fever from getting to me, I invite friends over. I pulled a turkey out of the freezer and got out the "fine china". It is fun for me to set up the table.

Whiskey is a guitar collector, enthusiast, and player. A blast of super cold temps on a Sunday makes for the perfect time to do guitar maintenance. The pub table is multi-purpose.

We did manage to get out of town for a meet-up with friends from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A favorite place for such meet-up is the The 401 Tavern - Bar & Grill in Hampton, NH

The second floor space at the 401 Tavern is decorated with empty wine bottles. It looks pretty neat. We prefer to recycle ours so that we can't see the amount we consume.

In an effort to get the doggies some activity, I packed them up in the van. I had a client meeting and then a bunch of errands so they could at least see activity out in our little bubble. Having a dog with "wheels" requires preparation. The bulldog goes in the van first then Little Guy goes into his little crate. Homer goes in last. I use the "chariot" to lift him. It looks awkward but it is actually pretty easy. I do a lot of hand clapping because the dogs are hard of hearing, but they can hear my claps (I try to not shout to doggies outside).

Let's see, what else is happening? I've planned our April trip. I'll be blunt, April sucks in NH. Therefore, we'll be gone to a place where vitamin D can be obtained from the sun. Vitamin D from the sun at this time of year is basically impossible.

I use the Dminder app to tell me what the UV index is and the timeframe when vitamin D can be made. As you can see, it is a very small window and low UV index.

If you want to kill some time learning about Vit D check these links. GrassrootsHealth

Cheers from our corner of the world! Wishing you freedom, abundance of good health, liberty, and happiness. Please comment down below what you are doing to avoid cabin fever. (Florida friends need not comment, there is no cabin fever there. We know what you are doing: bike rides and beach walks, etc. LOL!!) XO

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