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Burned up!

Before we head off to sunshine, warm weather, and beaches we go to northern Vermont for a work assignment. In the shot above Whiskey is standing near the remains of a building that burned down. The inspection was done over the course of two visits. Our overnight stay was at a friend's home that lives nearby which made it possible to stay in our rig near the work location.

We requested a driveway campsite last minute at the home of our friend JK who is a chef always cooking for others, so I brought dinner and cooked for the chef. I did prep in the mobile condo and afterwards brought everything inside to finish up in kitchen.

On the menu is pork chops with mustard wine sauce, sauteed red cabbage and yellow peppers, rice (which I cooked at home), and garlic bread. Easy, easy.

How great is it to have guests show up at your home with their own house and cast-iron pans to cook dinner?!

I did the cooking, but the chef made it pretty with his expert plating skills.

Watch the video (link below) to hear Whiskey and JK jamming and waking up quiet Vermont on a Monday night.

We had a lovely campsite for the evening in the Vermont countryside.

This overnight trip was another practice trip for Willy the white cat. He seems comfortable when we are parked; he meows a lot when we are moving.

Sadly, our calico Alice won't be joining us on our travels as she crossed over the rainbow bridge recently. She was a cute kitty that we had for seventeen years after she showed up as a stray as a young cat living under our neighbor's outbuilding. RIP Alice. 😔💔

We have two pets now. The last time we had only two pets was in 1990. Since that time, we had up to seven cats at one point. I will create a post eventually with photos of all of the pets we've had so that we have the image in one place to see forever, or at least until the internet keeps this blog published.

Mud season has started, and we are looking forward to leaving it behind. It's time to get the mobile condo cleaned, organized, and packed up and head south. 🌴🌞

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