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Bell's First Year

Happy Dog!!

Bell's first year with us has been a lot of fun! She came to us on December 11, 2022. Read about it here. Our year consisted of many motorhome trips, boat rides, Jeep rides, lots of naps, walks, training classes, doggie playdates, learning to not fear the blowdryer and vacuum, running on beaches, and dining out.

When Bell came to us, we had two cats, and Little Guy the cairn terrier. By March, Alice the calico cat, and Little Guy passed away. We decided not to bring in more pets; we have Bell and Willy the white cat and that is working out so well. Happy pets, good companions, and travel buddies. Here are photos in cronological order. Her adoption "mug shot" does not convey Bell's sweet personality and playful intentions.

There are still many firsts to accomplish with Bell in 2024. For example, hiking. We never got around to hiking in 2023, so much rain, and busy with other adventures.

We feel blessed that Bell is a perfect fit for us and will gladly play with other dogs. We are thankful for the dog rescue that found her and brought her to NH.

Here is a video of the hightlights of Bell's first year with us.


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