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Bell's First Boat Ride, and other stuff

Updated: Jan 27

We secured "Homer's" life vest on Bell and got her in the boat for her maiden voyage. On our last boat ride, we had Homer, our first boat ride this season we have Bell. It is bittersweet. Bell has brought us much joy and happiness; she is wonderful.

The life vest test fit: you can see that she is a bit nervous with this jacket.

Bell's first ride was a success! She didn't try to jump overboard; she was actually curious and cautious. Once we got moving she went on the floor. After a few rides I'm sure she will get comfortable.

The first boat ride of the season was the highlight of the week. Before that we went to Hartford CT twice and western Massachusetts for work assignments, got our vacation rental cottage ready for the season, met friends, "Goose" and "Jameson" for dinner, and worked on the grounds at the homestead (that is an ongoing project).

Work assignment locations: two tow yards in Hartford, and one farm in western MA.

The map image shows the trip. After we left Hartford for Cheshire MA, Whiskey got a new assignment in Hartford; we return there the following day after our overnight stay at Whitney's Farm. I did all of the driving while Whiskey did his reports; mobile hotspot makes this efficient.

After our work trip we return home to finish up our cottage season preparations for the first rental of the season. Here is our little cottage:

Now it's time for fun and hanging around the homestead. Let's start with a meet up with Goose and Jameson at the Wolfetrap. Cheers!

Beautiful sunny and warm weather made for a delightful holiday weekend. Actually, we had great weather for the whole week.

Our checklist is complete:

✔️Barn Lounge open

✔️Rental cottage open for the season

✔️First boat ride

✔️Grilled steak

✔️Fresh mint for mojitos

✔️Gardening underway

Now we ease into the summer, hopefully filled with fun, friend gatherings, boat rides, and sunshine. Living life to the fullest as possible. Cheers!

Here's the video of our week's activities. The video is a bit long, and perhaps boring, but it's real life.

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2 commentaires

30 mai 2023

Love your blog! Fun to see Bell get her first boat ride.

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
30 mai 2023
En réponse à

Terry, thank you so much!

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