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Bell and Cousin Henry

Cousin Henry, an avid beachgoer, came to HHI from Florida to meet Bell and show her how to get in the ocean. The two got along well and had a few romps in the water and runs on the beach.

Henry has been dining out for years and shows Bell how to do it with ease. Bell has been out several times now and now understands how it works. It has been wonderful to take our doggie with us to dine out.

This is a video of the visit with Auntie and Henry.

Bell has been great on vacation despite the day of tissue box destruction, etc. She still needs training on leash pulling while walking in busy areas with lots of distractions.

She is a sandwich stealer if left unattended in the car. Twice I learned this because I am not used to food stealers; she is also now stealing space in the bed 😊.

Sandwich stealer is quite pleased with herself as seen in this clip.

The weather in HHI has been rejuvenating, refreshing, and relaxing; we are thankful for that. We talked to a friend at home who said the weather "sucks ass" in Wolfeboro. 😂

Until we return to that weather in NH, we will enjoy the sunshine by the pool or on the beach.

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Live music at Skull Creek Boathouse by: Sonny Bond Music | Facebook

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