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Beach Time!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Fish Haul Beach

We did have beach time.

Fish Haul Beach Park (

Burkes Beach (

Coligny Beach Park (

The parking is free. There are big lots to accommodate beach goers. We have found the ideal time to get a spot not too far from the beach is to arrive before 11am. And as New Englanders with pale skin, we don't stay too long. Ninety minutes is our ideal time for sunning. After that we head off of the beach for lunch, then on to other activities for the afternoon.

Burkes Beach
The walk to Burkes Beach
Fish Haul Beach
Fish Haul Beach
Coligny Beach
The path to Burkes Beach.
Burkes Beach
Burkes Beach

Coligny Beach Walkway

Burkes Beach

Pathway to Burkes Beach

The walkway to Coligny Beach.

Sunny day at Coligny Beach.

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