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Back in the Bubble

We are back in our little town the bubble as we call it because it has everything we need and would never have to leave it; it is a tad off the beaten path with a buffer between other towns. Currently, the bubble is relatively quiet. That changes when the summer tourist season starts, which will be soon.

Wolfeboro Town Docks on Wolfeboro Bay

The weather the first week we were home was not Hilton Head Island weather. 😁 So the long sleeves, pants, and scarves (for Wine) were back in use.

Lots and lots of rain raised the lake level significantly. Some town docks were under water (second photo in the gallery) and the water at our dock was above the dock framing (first photo in the gallery). This will keep us trapped in Back Bay until the level comes down to make head room to fit under the bridge leading out to Winnipesaukee. Sigh...

A work assignment sends us over to Kennebunkport, Maine where we enjoy lunch at one of our favorite places the KPT Boathouse. Despite the rainy weather there is still a nice lunch.

Ginger invites me to Vintage Market in Holderness NH, it's an annual event. I am not a fan of these types of things, but I go anyway to see the venue. It is held at Cottage Place overlooking Little Squam Lake. I did not buy anything, but I enjoyed looking at the wares and watching people shop.

May 9th was the season opening of one of our local favorite restaurants Wolfetrap. Martini and Manhattan join us to kick off the season along with other locals, many of whom are catching up after a long winter. It was fun.

A video of our first week back in our bubble.

Bell is settling into the homestead. She now has a big yard to explore, a screened porch to nap, and a spot in the Barn Lounge to look out and keep an eye. She is taking over Homer's job as watchdog. 😊

Tulips in this photo gallery are at Spider Web Gardens. They have a beautiful and extensive selection of plants and garden supplies.

May is a lovely month once the temperature warms up. This is the month to get the house ready for the season; that takes about two weeks. Like everyone else in cold climates there is much to do get one's house ready for the season: hoses out and connected, outdoor and porch furniture set-up, window screens in place, trim dead branches, and get the early weeds pulled just to name a few things.

Next up is get on the lake in the boat. The lake is looking beautiful now that sun is shining. Stay tuned for Bell's first boat ride, that will be upcoming very soon.

Gazebo in Cate Park Downtown Wolfeboro

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May 13, 2023

I love vacation mode!!! 😂. Your place is just amazing. Love your posts.

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
May 13, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Terry!!

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