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Alligators, golf, yachts, and more.

Hilton Head Island is an interesting place. This week starts off with a bike ride to Harbour Town to watch the PGA's RBC Heritage Tournament. I have not ridden my bike for more than 10 minutes since 1990. So, riding the vintage "mountain" bike for 7 miles and about thirty minutes each way was new. At my age, the bike is not comfortable; I survived the ride without injury or a helmet, riding old-school. It's good to know that one really can back on a bike and ride.

Maps lied, the ride was longer than 20 minutes because I am not a speed rider, in addition, we were taken on a detour to the tournament to avoid crossing the main road.

Once at the RBC it was time to walk and walk. The weather was stellar making for a lovely day to be outside for hours.

The highlight of the day was seeing 2023 Masters winner John Rahm tee-off; he sure does make it look easy. You can see the swing, and other scenes in the video (link below).

Beautiful weather continues so we spent a day in Sea Pines. We start off with a two-hour walk through a portion of the Forest Preserve; it was lovely. We saw a handful of people and a couple of alligators. At one point I was so focused on taking a picture of the lake that when I looked down there was a gator in the water at the edge. Yikes!

After our nature walk we went for lunch and got the best dog-friendly seat available. Bell is getting the hang of the outdoor dining thing. She has been accepting of the strangers petting her.

Whiskey is considering ditching the wooden boats in favor of a yacht. I'm all for it! Here's one.

Harbour Town is a beautiful place and also crowded. Even so, we got a parking space and the perfect dining spot at Quarterdeck without a reservation.

And if that wasn't enough activity for Bell, we took her to one more sight to see; Stoney Baynard Ruins.

You can see all of these locations in one video. It was a great day and we wore Bell out, she immediately was zonked out on seat in the van on our way back "home". She napped for quite a while.

As you can see, there is a lot to do on the island. If you are thinking of visiting HHI plan to spend more than a week.

After the busy few days out and about we were poolside to catch up sun-bathing.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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