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24 Hours 3 Wineries | Long Island Take 3

Another work assignment takes us to eastern Long Island; this is our third trip to Long Island this year. Now that we know that there is an abundance of wineries there, we will gladly take all assignments from this part of Long Island that come our way.

We spend twenty-four hours on the island and visit three wineries. Next time we will plan to spend more time since there is so many wineries to explore.

To make the most of our travel time, while on the 1pm ferry, we stay in the motorhome, and I prepare lunch. I'm not completely certain, but there may be food and drinks available on the ferry. Most people vacate their vehicles, but we hid in the motorhome.

This part of Long Island is a great destination for a weekend or longer. From Wolfeboro the ride to New London to catch the ferry is three and a half hours, an hour on the ferry, and then 20 minutes or so to one of the wineries. Highly recommend going anytime of the year.

Here are the highlights of our twenty-four hours on the island. Kontokosta Winery was our favorite for the location. The large waterfront property must be delightful in the warm and sunny weather. One could easily spend an afternoon on the property. We breezed in and out quickly because this was our last stop before boarding the 1pm ferry. Next time, we will stop there first and relax.

Lenz Winery has a rustic barn atmosphere that of course we love. You can see the property tour in the video. I didn't shoot anything inside because we were the only customers at the winery on a Monday afternoon and it felt awkward to be video recording. This too must be a lovely place to relax outside sipping delicious wines.

They offer two chardonnays and I loved both. I'm a chardonnay fan that appreciates wines with a traditional flavor rather than leaning towards a sauvignon Blanc flavor.

We purchased a few bottles, and I was able to enjoy the Lenz Old Vine Chardonnay back at the mobile condo.

Ev & Em Winery is located practically across the road from our overnight Harvest Hosts location, a garden center which we stayed at in July. Side note, there are no wineries from this area that are Harvest Hosts. I don't understand why.

This winery has a contemporary rustic vibe (aka "Restoration Hardware" style). Service was extremely good, and we enjoyed a glass rather than a tasting. I loved their old-school oaky chardonnay. But since I'm budget conscious I didn't want to spend $65 for a bottle. I will gladly go back and enjoy another glass in their relaxed space. Side note here; their bar stools are not made for fat-ass people like me. So as beautiful as they look, they are horrible in comfort. 😂 I see now that I didn't get a photo of the bar.

That's it for the wine tour. So many wineries, so little time allotted. Next time, we will plan accordingly.

After the work assignment in Riverhead, which was to inspect farm equipment at an herb and spice grower, we stop at a beach to take a look. We then learned that no dogs are allowed so Bell could not come out and play. We took this stop as a place to prepare breakfast. It is so nice having a traveling kitchen and bathroom.

Well, that's all for this post. But wait, there's more! Here's a bonus segment from an overnight work trip to Essex Vermont in late October. We were able to meet up with John and Sheryl that live nearby and had a lovely dinner out and then after dinner drinks in our mobile condo.

Bell is a gracious host offering fine whiskey and Vermont chocolates 😂.

Watch Bell interact with the cutest goats.

Okay, that's really all for now. Next up, Thanksgiving! Safe travels!

Prior visits to Long Island earlier this year.

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