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Historic Beaufort SC

Private Residence with Gas Light Posts

A change of scenery is good for mind, body, and spirit. The Lowcountry of South Carolina intrigues me; it is so very different from NH. Here are a shots from the historic district of Beaufort. The live oaks with Spanish moss amaze me.

We took a drive to Beaufort to explore the area. "The city is renowned for its scenic location and for maintaining a historic character by preservation of its antebellum architecture." Beaufort, South Carolina - Wikipedia


Our plan was to get the doggies out and about. The bulldog is so freaking stubborn; she is at the age that she would prefer not to walk about town. Therefore, our time in Beaufort was very short.

We drove the streets and I captured these shots of the amazing historic old house. Living in an old house ourselves we greatly appreciate preservation of them. The stacked porches, Spanish moss, towering live oaks, and lush greenery are so different than the landscape of NH.

Here are photos.

"Spooky House"

Spooky house is located here.

This large home with stacked porches is on the waterfront. I wanted to be able to see more but it is impossible with trees, fences, and landscape.

Oh how I would love to see inside this home and many of the others.

Notice the gas lamps on the posts.

Life with dogs requires flexibility. Since we have a cranky bulldog we didn't spend much time in Beaufort. Bulldog needed a ride and visual stimulation so the drive and a short walk around was good enough to tire bulldog out.

The bulldog got her visual stimulation from the bench seat. The brown dog is always chill, and the little guy is in the green crate safe from bulldogs jumping around.

This is what a happy bulldog looks like. After this ride, she was worn out. Yay!

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