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Work, Walks, Walter's, and a Wicked Loon.

Work takes us to Saint Albans Vermont early in the week. But before we hit the road, we laid our beloved pets to rest in our pet cemetery on a beautiful Sunday.

Homer, JJ, and Fergus were cremated and returned to us in wooden boxes. They were on display in our bedroom for months. When Alice left us in March the ground was frozen, so we put her in the freezer. I know, it sounds odd.

One grave, the 13th grave in our pet cemetery, was dug and we placed our pack of dogs and one kitty in there. Bell joined us for the ceremony which you can see in the video (link at the bottom).

The road trip to northern Vermont is a three-and-a-half-hour drive. I, Wine, take the wheel and drive to the work assignment while Whiskey does reports in the passenger seat. This arrangement is working out great.

I get lunch underway in the mobile office/condo while Whiskey does an inspection on a dump truck that whacked a telephone pole.

After work is complete, we go to Saint Albans Bay Park. The park is located on the shore of Lake Champlain. Here is a screenshot of the history of the park.

You can see more of the park in the video link below.

From the park we go to Saint Albans City, which is the downtown area. We park alongside Taylor Park. The park is beautiful especially with the fruit trees in bloom. The air was fragrant with the scent of the blossoms.

After an early dinner at Twiggs, we head over to our overnight stay location. This stay is through Boondockers Welcome; it is private property that is a veterinarian's office. We park behind the barn and have electricity and get cocktails underway. In the video you can see Whiskey's martini shake shuffle. 😁

The following morning, we are up early and get the coffee brewing (thank you electricity) after which we go to another work assignment literally just down the road. Willy gets to look out the screened door at yet another scene; he is quite fond of this spot.

The drive back to our home takes us through Holderness, a little town on Squam Lake. As we get to Holderness it is lunchtime and there is a parking space right in front of Walter's Basin restaurant. That is amazing luck, since we are in the RV.

Lunchtime is for Bloody Mary's and the bartender at Walter's made us yummy ones.

Once back in our bubble, over the next few days we tackle paperwork, chores, and yardwork. We fit in a visit to a recently opened new restaurant in town named The Wicked Loon. We started off with cocktails, of course. Here's a tip, when there is a pricey cocktail on the menu, ask to see what glass it is served in. Whiskey got the most expensive cocktail, and it was served in the smallest glass. He said it was a "ho-hum" drink.

I'll keep my other thoughts about the decor and the food to myself, but I will say that the service was friendly, and all of the staff seemed very happy. It's nice to see smiling staff.

For me, the week wraps up completing one new garden area, which is a perennial herb garden (hopefully it will be perennial🤞). More to come on this project, but all I can say is that I don't love the garden work, but I do love the outcome.

Bell LOVES the dirt! She has been by my side while I am working outside.

Here is the area for the herb garden with some of the plants in the ground.

20 bags of mulch, and 25 bags of stone later...

This is just one small step towards the development of this part of the grounds. There is A LOT more to do. I'm taking it once small area at a time. If you aren't already bored to death with this segment, go to our post from August 2022 and scroll down to see what this whole area looked like and how we got to this point.

Watch the video of our week. And please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks!

Next up is getting our rental cottage ready for the season. I won't bore you with those details. It's the same tedious routine year after year. I don't mind it; I listen to audiobooks or podcasts while doing the mundane.

Until next time, live life to the fullest!

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May 22, 2023

I just love all of this!!!!

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
May 23, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it.

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