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Wine & Whiskey Videos

Making videos take a bit of time even the simple ones like the ones I, Wine, create. Here are the latest videos. I post them here in case you have not subscribed to our channel.

From our trip to Bailey Island and Wiscasset Maine.

In the kitchen with Wine

I started to make a video of our Vermont trip but the clips were boring therefore I decided to scrap it.

We are currently on the Cross Sound Ferry to Long Island for a work assignment. Using Harvest Hosts for first night stay. Second night we're using Hipcamp. Hopefully, that works out ok.

The weather forecast is for hot and humid. That is not good when boondocking in a box. Propane tank is full so we'll run the generator to keep the cool air flowing in the rig.

I will be mindful of my video recording so that I can make a video of the trip.

Going from New London CT to eastern Long Island.

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1 Comment

Jul 16, 2023

The videos are great. In the second one,😊 I especially like "and no vegetable tonight because....who cares."

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