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Why We Love HHI

Fishcamp on Broad Creek

This April marks our 4th time coming to Hilton Head Island. The first time didn't really count much since we stayed at the marina RV resort on the edge of the island just over the bridge from Bluffton and we did not see much of the whole island during our two-night stay.

Our second visit we spent two and a half weeks at the Motorcoach resort which is in the heart of the island. Once we experienced that location we were hooked. The island has so much to see, do, and enjoy.

Whiskey and I talked about why we keep coming back to HHI. We decided to it is because it has a small town feel even though it isn't a small town. The trees, the vegetation, the beaches, and the many great restaurants are all positives. However, the biggest one is that it is extremely dog-friendly, and it doesn't feel crowded, the traffic flows pretty well.

We love the motorcoach resort because it is close to everything: many restaurants, beaches, grocery stores, liquor stores, and more are within minutes of the resort. We can bring our tiny house, park it, and have a lovely outdoor patio to sit, cook, and relax.

The resort has a pool, tennis and pickleball courts, fitness room (which we never use 😁), well maintained laundry facility, and friendly people; it is extremely quiet as well.

Take a tour of the motorcoach resort that I recorded purposely on an overcast day for less shadows and because no one was at the pool.

From the resort we can ride our bikes to many places or just for recreation on the bike path. I haven't gone too far on my vintage bike because it not very comfortable to ride. On the plus side, the bikes don't have to be locked up because no one will steal them.

Bell has been very good while out and about. She gets her first dining out experience and does well.

Then there is the beautiful outdoors to explore. So far, we have been to two places; two more are on the list for next week in Sea Pines.

Coastal Discovery Museum, etc. from our visit in 2022.

If you are a golf fan you probably know that Hilton Head Island hosts the RBC Heritage PGA tournament; it is happening now. We have tickets for Sunday, April 16; so, if you watch on TV keep a look out for us. I'll be wearing a lime green visor, and Whiskey will be wearing a lime green ball cap. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.

Off now to get back in the sunshine.


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