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Hello 2022!

It’s a week into 2022 and so far, so good. Snow has continued to accumulate, and a cold snap is upon us. That’s the way we like winter. Many people go to warm places, we stay in NH and embrace the winter.

Our Christmas tree is now outside.

The woodstove will be roaring as the temps go below zero this week.

The Barn Lounge Christmas tree is still in place, albeit without the ornaments now. We like the twinkle lights and greenery.

Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year; it's a good and noble idea. However, I have double-downed on cooking up a storm.

Recipe links:

I could not leave them as "pillows" as the recipe was written, I had to do them the Italian way with the grooves. I used the potato skins from the baked potatoes to make cheesy bacon skins to serve as side dish with another meal. (I made a double batch of gnocchi and froze them for use in other dishes.)

How to Make the Very Best Southern Hush Puppies | Kitchn ( South Carolina turned me into a fan of hush puppies. I had a pretty good first attempt. The honey butter needs more practice, and the oil needs to be less hot than the recipe calls for.

Mushroom and Sage Quiche – Supper With Michelle I found the directions as written to be a bit clunky; I prefer simple to the point instructions. Even so, I managed to have a successful result.

Hearty Hamburger Cauliflower Soup I don't always follow recipes exactly. I often use them as inspiration to cook with ingredients I have on hand. This is a tasty soup that Whiskey thought was appropriate to serve as a meal. (He doesn't think soup is a meal, and he doesn't think quiche is either.)

I'm dabbling with polenta; I don't know how I have never eaten it. Before I jumped into making it from scratch, I bought a tube of it, sliced, fried, and cut into chunks to put into stew. It was very good.

If you aren't into cooking, you may find this post boring. Sorry. I find cooking to be a creative adventure. I get frustrated when I can't get the dough just right, the shape of the gnocchi all the same, or the browning on the hush puppies like the pros. But I keep at it practicing and experimenting.

Thankful to our local farmers for the meats and cream. Thankful for our local Wolfeboro Food Coop Natural Food Market where I can bop over to and pick up organic polenta in a pinch.

Wishing you all a delicious 2022. Stay tuned for upcoming adventures as we make our way through the snow to ski, snowmobile, and see the sights.

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