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Before the Lockdown

In early March we were heading down to Washington DC for an insurance industry conference. The plan was to make two driveway camping stops in New Jersey to check in on our parents. We were already in NJ ready to make the trip to DC when the conference was cancelled the day before it was to start.

It was one of the first big conferences to be cancelled and it was very surprising at the time. Reflecting back on it now, we are glad it was cancelled and that we were not in contact with thousands of people.

But before the cancelled conference, we were excited to be out of New Hampshire to enjoy warmer weather in the DC area. We were fortunate to have warm weather in NJ so we made the most of it and took a vacation day as we travelled between driveway camping spots.

Whiskey's mom lives at the Jersey shore so we were able to enjoy a nice meal at Marina Grille, a restaurant at a marina (indoor dining!), and have nice walks near the ocean.

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After departing there, we headed up the coast to Sandy Hook. This is a unique sandy barrier peninsula owned by the Federal Government. Our visit was March 6th so there were very few people there and we were able to enjoy the walking trail with our three dogs.

From there we had a lovely lunch at Bahrs Landing in Atlantic Highlands. When traveling in the RV parking is always a concern. We use Google Maps in the satellite view to look at parking lots to determine if there is a way we could park there. From the images it looked as if parking could work. Timing is everything though. At the time we went it was perfect. Whiskey backed into a waterfront spot that had plenty of length.

Little did we know that this would be our last normal dining experience for months to come. Thankfully it was wonderful.

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After our short day trip we headed up to my Dad's home and driveway camped there. It was warm and we were able to be outside for most of the day, which was delightful for us because we knew we were going back to cold in New Hampshire.

Our driveway campsite came with active birdfeeders right outside our kitchen window.

Motorhomes with a max length of 24' are ideal for driveway camping in suburban areas. See our post about driveway camping for tips on how to be good guest.

Since the lockdown restrictions are now eased be will be going out on the road to visit with friends and family.

Happy travels!


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